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Aircraft Dispatch/Flight Planning Services

I am proud to announce that I recently obtained the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate through an intensive six-week training class offered by Jeppesen Academy. In addition, I have received the GCAA Aircraft Dispatcher credential for the UAE. This allows us to now offer flight planning, coordination and dispatch services.

Taylor Albrecht
AGI, IGI, Aircraft Dispatcher

Ground Schools

We are pleased to offer a variety of ground schools for students as they prepare for the FAA Knowledge exams. Classes are offered for Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Airplane Rating. In addition we can provide tutoring or substitute teaching should you need it.

Our classroom facilities are located at Hangar 9 Simulators.

Call 303-790-7635 or e-mail for more information and to sign up.

Advanced Aviation Training Device placed with Hangar 9 Simulators

The Albrecht Group is pleased to announce that we have placed an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with Hangar 9 Simulators, based at Centennial Airport (KAPA) in Denver, Colorado.

The AATD (pictured below) is manufactured by Precision Flight Controls and is certified by the FAA to provide creditable training hours for many pilot licenses, certifications and currency requirements.

MFD from Precision Flight Controls

Hangar 9 Simulators has been providing high quality flight instruction since 2006. The founder, Dale Boyd, is a seasoned flight instructor and training captain with a well-known major airline. His broad experience brings a special character to Hangar 9 Simulators and its instructors.

It is with great pleasure we announce this cooperative effort to provide the aviation community with a cost-effective training alternative.



The Albrecht Group, Inc. has been providing business services since 1990. We work in conjunction with great companies to deliver superior products and services to customers.

Since 2006 we have been providing technical and other services to businesses in the aviation industry. We are proud to be associated with Hangar 9 Simulators for flight training, and Seattle Avionics Software, manufacturers of the award-winning Voyager Flight Software System.
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